Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Senator From Soros

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"So groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections."
-- President Obama on October 7
"I challenge the Chamber of Commerce to tell us how much of the money they're investing is from foreign sources. I challenge them, if I'm wrong I will stand corrected. But show me, show me."
-- Vice President Biden on October 11
"You arrogant ass! You've killed us!"
-- The Hunt for Red October
Shall we play a game?
The line, spoken in an eerie mechanized voice, comes from the movie War Games, starring Matthew Broderick as he does battle with an out-of-control computer bent on blowing up the world. Broderick responds by saying, "Love to! How about Global Thermonuclear War?"
We're not into Global Thermonuclear War here. But a game of follow the Secret Donor Money -- an incredibly dishonest game that they will doubtless regret beginning -- has been launched by this White House, the New York Times and their liberal allies. Charges of foreign money, improper influence and secret donors fill the air. The Times has even seen fit to trot out Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew!
So. Shall we play their Secret Donor Money game? Love to? Excellent.
Let's begin with questions.
• What if Secret Donor Money -- funneled through a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit with no obligation to reveal its donors -- was used to influence not just your run-of-the mill election, but a sitting United States Senator as he ran a Senate confirmation hearing of a federal judge? An official constitutional duty of the United States Senate?
• What if that United States Senator secretly influenced by that Secret Donor Money were named Russell Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin?
• What if that Secret Donor Money was used to supply Secret Research Senator Feingold was secretly using to defeat that Bush nominee for the federal judiciary? And what if Senator Feingold repeatedly and secretly (so he thought) plagiarized his questions to the nominee -- from the secret document purchased by Secret Donor Money secretly supplied by those Secret Donors?

• What if then-Senator Biden sat on this same Senate Committee while this game of left-wing Secret Donors was going on and never said a thing about it?
• What if that same Secret Donor money was being used to secretly buy a Page One favorable story on the front page of the Washington Post? And the Washington Post both knew this secret and went along with it -- publishing the story? But not publishing the names of the Secret Donors?
• What if the Chief Justice of the United States received a serious complaint from his staff about the possibility Secret Donor Money was being used by the Washington Post to attack the federal judiciary in that Page One story?
• What if that Secret Donor Money was used to formulate five questions from the Washington Post to the U.S. Department of Justice about the Bush nominee -- and an editorial opposing that nominee resulted from those questions provided by Secret Donor Money?

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  1. WHY in the heaven's name isn't George Soros in prison already? This is the THIRD NATION HE HAS DESTROYED. By fraud, by laundering money. Why can't the FBI go in there and put the cuffs on this guy and throw him in prison. What SOROS has done, makes Mr. MADDOFF look like a SAINT. Soros deserves NOTHING BUT TO BE THROWN IN PRISON, his money TAKEN FROM HIM as he's been doing to HARD WORKING AMERICANS AND LET HIM SIT THERE AND ROT. AND Obama deserves the same. He is in Soros' back pocket and they can take their AMERICAN HATER REV WRIGHT WITH THEM. He makes me sick. Hillary Clinton SHOULD TOTALLY DISTANCE HERSELF FROM REV.WRIGHT WHO SAID THOSE DISGUSTING THINGS TO HER. MY gosh, had a republican said anything, had they said ONE WORD of any of this, they would be destroyed by them. 'Ridin Dirty" Rev.WRight says about Bill Clinton. He is supposed to be a man spreading the word of God??? Oh pulllleeeeeeze!!! Obama sat there for 20 years and listened to this dirt and hateful rhetoric that Pelosi seems to know so much about.