Friday, November 5, 2010

George Soros is Worried About Nancy Pelosi - Are You?

From: Nita Chaudhary, Political Action []
Sent: Friday, November 05, 2010 9:08 AM
Subject: Tell Speaker Pelosi you want her to stay
Speaker Pelosi is a passionate, principled leader and we need her to stay on and keep fighting for progressive priorities. Can you call and tell her you're counting on her to lead Democrats in the new Congress?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Dear MoveOn member,  
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the strongest, most progressive leaders in Washington.
Her determination brought health care reform back to life last winter, when the Senate and the White House were ready to scale back.  She fought harder than anyone for bigger, better job creation bills. And right now, she is the strongest voice in leadership for ending Bush's millionaire tax bailout. 

But after Tuesday's elections, some corporate Democrats are taking the wrong lesson—saying that Democrats should be less progressive and more like the Republicans. And they're pushing Speaker Pelosi to step down. 

This would be a terrible loss for progressives, and for the country. 

Pelosi is deciding right now whether to stay on as the leader of the Democratic Caucus, and she needs to hear from the millions of progressives who want her to stay. Can you call her office and tell her that you're counting on her to lead the Democrats in the new Congress? 


Here's the number:


Speaker Nancy Pelosi — 202-225-0100

Click here to report your call:

If you're on Facebook, you can leave a note on her wall as well, telling her that you want her to stay:

And if you're on Twitter, you can tweet:

RT @MoveOn: We want @SpeakerPelosi to lead Democrats in the new Congress. RT if you agree.

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Laura, Duncan, Daniel, and the rest of the team

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