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This is the Latest Email to Your Child's Teacher From George Soros - His Attempt to Break America's Back With Entitlements

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Subject: It is our lifeline
Right now, Congress is considering whether or not to maintain investments in critical early learning programs. Congress could make quality child care even harder to find and afford.

Tell Congress to keep families working: Sign our Petition Today!

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“I'm a single mother with two kids under 3, a full-time student, and an employee...so I don't have much time to write. But I have to tell whoever is willing to listen that the child care subsidy I receive has saved my life. I'm able to go back to school to get the kind of job that will help me support the three of us on my own and I'm secure in the knowledge that my children are well-cared for and developmentally stimulated while I can't be with them. They will be ready for school right when I finish and together I see us accomplishing great things. None of this would be possible without that subsidy. It is our lifeline and I thank God for it every day. Please don't take that away.”

--Nan, Washington State

I've read message after message from moms and dads across the country who are struggling to find and afford quality care so they can provide for their families. And I can relate: As a working mom, I've often struggled to find care for my young son.

Which is why I’m asking for your help.

Right now, Congress is considering whether or not to maintain funding for critical early learning programs like child care assistance and Head Start.

Sign on to our petition: Tell Congress to stand up for families and early learning today!

*By clicking this link, you’ll sign on to our short petition that reads:
 Early learning programs build strong families! Pass an omnibus appropriations bill that funds child care, Head Start, and the Early Learning Challenge Fund.

Why does early learning and child care matter right now?

Nearly 12 million children under age five regularly spend time in child care. And we know that quality preschool and early learning programs are crucial --- more than 85% of a child's core brain structure is formed by age five. [1]

In today’s economy it often takes two incomes to make ends meet. Child care is becoming a necessity. Families need to have a safe, enriching place for kids to be while parents work; but the current system is a patchwork with variable standards and finding quality care is tricky and expensive.

Congress rarely sees the full picture of what's going on with modern young families. They need to better understand how their decisions will impact the many moms and dads who are forced to choose between keeping their jobs or having to leave their children in unsafe, unstable child care. [3]  

We can help change this.  Right now, Congress is debating an omnibus appropriations bill and they're deciding if they’ll maintain funding for crucial child care assistance programs and quality preschools like Head Start. [4] At the same time, Congress is also debating the Challenge Fund, which would build comprehensive, high-quality early learning programs for children under age five.

That’s why we’re circulating this petition, and then also personally delivering it to Congress. The more signatures we get, the bigger the impact we will have. Together we can help families who need it find, and afford, the care they need.

***Please don't forget to sign on the link below--and also pass this link on to everyone you know who’d sign this important petition:
Together we’re a strong voice for mothers and families,

-- Sarah, Kristin, Claire and Donna

P.S. Thanks to our friends at the National Women's Law Center for all of the hard work they do on this issue.

[1] "Learning Begins at Birth," State Early Childhood Policy Technical Assistance Network (PDF)

[2] U.S. Congressional Committee on Education and Labor, July 2009 (PDF)

[3] Goodman, Peter (2010 May 23). ”Cuts to Child Care Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers,” New York Times, A-1

[4] http://action.momsrising.org/go/494?akid=2401.1164475.JmBfjf&t=12


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