Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday and Your Child's Teacher Got Two Emails Today From George Soros - The Pressure is on to Destroy our Schools

Subject: Our kids aren't "burned down" houses

Opponents of health care are working hard to roll back the new health care
protections that families worked so hard to pass--like ending pre-existing
conditions exclusions.

We've come too far with health care reform to turn back now on our kids. Donate
$10 or more to keep up the fight!

A child with a pre-existing health condition is like a "burned down" house that
shouldn't be insured?![1]  Opponents of health care reform are ramping up the
rhetoric and working hard to roll back important new health care
protections--like ending pre-existing condition exclusions.  For example, former
Governor Mike Huckabee compared a person with pre-existing health conditions to
a burned down house:

"It sounds so good, and it's such a warm message to say we're not gonna deny
anyone from a pre-existing condition.  Look, I think that sounds terrific, but I
want to ask you something from a common sense perspective. Suppose we applied
that principle [to] our property insurance. And you can call your insurance
agent and say, 'I'd like to buy some insurance for my house.'  He'd say, 'Tell
me about your house.' 'Well sir, it burned down yesterday, but I'd like to
insure it today.' And he'll say 'I'm sorry, but we can't insure it after it's
already burned.'  Well, no pre-existing conditions." [2]


We're talking about people here, not burned down houses!

Colorado MomsRising member Tracy can tell you that her seven-year-old son,
Klaus, who is battling cancer is not a burned down house.  And Florida
MomsRising member Dawn can tell you that her four-year-old son, Wesley, who
finally obtained coverage for an eye condition after the recent passage of
health care reform is not a burned down house.

Our voices are urgently needed to remind the opponents of health care reform of
the obvious: We're talking about people--children, mothers, fathers, sisters,
and brothers--and not about buildings.  The time is now to come together to
bring the common sense voices of MomsRising members like Tracy and Dawn straight
to the halls of Congress, and to ramp up our efforts to reach out to the media
and share what's really going on with parents across the nation.

Health care reform is critical to millions of families.  If 1,000 parents donate
just $10 we'll meet our goal this week of raising $10,000 to bring forward the
voices and experiences of families across the nation directly to members of

Can you help us out by donating $10 or more today?

 What's the plan? MomsRising members will work in unison with other national
organizations to amplify the messages to Congress in the coming weeks, reminding
them that America's families support and need health reform.  We'll remind
Congress that they need to keep standing up for families, not health insurance
lobbyists.  And we'll make sure Congress can't ignore us by donning our
MomsRising supermom t-shirts and personally delivering these messages with
on-the-ground members in DC, and also bringing moms like Tracy and Dawn straight
to Congress to share their experiences.  (There's nothing like TV images of fed
up moms to make elected officials nervous.)

Congress needs to hear that our kids aren't burned down houses. They are people. 
People who need health care reform to keep moving forward.  No excuses.

But we need your help. We can't keep up the fight without your continued
support.  Can you help out now by donating $10 or more?

Our children and our families are our nation's future and we can't roll back the
gains we've made for our families like ending pre-existing condition exclusions
and making it illegal for insurers to drop people when they get sick.[3]

Now is the time to give it all we've got.

We have fought too hard and too long to turn back.  Please donate now and join
us to fight for our children's future.

Thank you for the heroism you show every day!

--Kristin, Donna, Julissa, Sarah, Joan, Mary, Ashley, Anita, and the MomsRising

[1,2] Huckabee Says No To Insurance For People With Pre-Existing
Conditions<You can also read hundreds of health care stories from MomsRising members across
the nation via this link.

Like what we're doing? Donate: We're a bootstrap, low overhead, mom run
organizationYour donations make the work of possible--and we deeply
appreciate your support. Every little bit counts.

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